What’s the Best Embroidery Machine for Your Home Business? Did you ever think about the pieces of old clothes which are put in your wardrobe or even the pieces of old pillowcases and how to make them reusable and use it again by adding some beautiful designs and touches for them?

the Best Embroidery Machine for Your Home Business

To do this you will need a machine which is suitable for your home business and for your needs without paying money in features you will not need or use so, this machine is an embroidery machine, we will display for you some types of embroidery machines which suit home business.

Best embroidery machines that suit home business:

The first type: Janome MB-4S (4 Needle Embroidery Machine)

This type is the best one for home business but it’s expensive in comparison to other types. It’s the first type of embroidery machine for the home which uses 4 needles. What is the use of four needles in an embroidery machine? It allows you to move to a new job after you set up a project which is the machine will complete by itself.
It comes with:
1- 9.4 X 9.7 inches embroidery field.
2- Six standard hoops.
3- USB compatibility.
4- LCD screen.
5- 50 built-in embroidery designs
6- 10 built-in fonts.
7- 4 embroidery needles.

The second type: Singer Futura XL-580

This type is both a sewing and embroidery machine which is very good to start your home business because it has a large hoop and good features that are so suitable for its price. It has an endless hoop, you can work on the borders for a long time with no fear of it going blank.
It comes with:
1- 250 built-in embroidery designs.
2- 215 embroidery stitches.
3- 3 extra embroidery hoops.
4- 20 fonts.
5- AutoPunch or Hyperfont software which allows you to add more.
5- 6 LED lights.
6- USB port to import designs.

The third type: Janome Horizon Memory Craft 1200

It’s both embroidery and sewing machine this series of embroidery machines are good for medium or large businesses, it has a 15 inches workspace which is the largest one of this series.

It comes with:
1- LCD touch screen which connects your machine with a real-time PC to facilitate your work.
2- Hoop with large size.
3- Large workspace with 15 inches

The fourth type: Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

This type of embroidery machine is so suitable and great for beginners, its computerized embroidery machine which is so suitable to begin you home business with.
It comes with:
1- 136 built-in embroidery designs.
2- 6 fonts.
3- USB port to import more designs.
4- LCD screen.
5- Automatic thread cutter.
6- 5 X 7 inches.


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