All about Machine Embroidery Thread, Embroidery threads weights and strand count, When we talk about the weight you may think that if thread weight is higher so the thread is better and finer, but it is not right because in embroidery threads the lower weight, the heavier the thread.
As it is known, the sewing thread weight is around 50 wt. but the embroidery thread weight is around 40 wt.

All About Machine Embroidery Thread

Is the weight of embroidery threads important?
Of course yes, because it plays a big role in the final result of your design, for example, if you create a design with 30 wt thread and your design is created for 40 wt this will cause a problem for you with the final look.

All About Machine Embroidery Thread

1- Rayon thread: rayon is made of organic cellulose, it features its sheen and a soft touch. Rayon thread is so popular for embroidery machines because of its amazing sheen, it is easy to be found and its performance. It also features high-speed stitching with no fraying or breaking.
Rayon embroidery threads come in a large number of colors and many brands, rayon embroidery thread weight is from 40 wt to 30 wt.

2- Polyester thread: it is similar to rayon in look and function and also in not bleeding feature, bleach resistance, and fading. So these threads are mostly used for children’s clothes decorate or the clothes which are washed often.
But you should also know that its sheen is not as high as the sheen of rayon, but still, both of them work well and have a high speed of stitching with no cutting or breaking

3- Cotton thread: for embroidery machines, cotton thread is less popular, this is because it is fragile to fraying and breaking.
It is not shiny like rayon and polyester, its weight is up to 100 wt.
If you use cotton thread in machine embroidery it will look like hand embroidery, it is mostly used for redwork and bean stitch.

4- Silk thread: here is another natural thread, but the colors in silk threads are more brilliant than other threads, some people consider this thread type is a type of luxury. It is so ideal for satin and silk fabric which are delicate. Silk is so stable, it may be as strong as polyester and as stable as cotton. Like cotton, it sews with no breaking and so smoothly, ilk weight is up to 100 wt.
Silk thread is the most expensive thread.

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