The Embroidery

Frequently Asked Questions


What formats do you offer?

We offer Dst, Exp, Hus, Jef, Pes, Sew, Vip, and Xxx. If you are not sure of your format, please have a look at my embroidery tips page to get a guide as to what your format may be (it is also recommended that you also check your manual).

I don't know what format I need… do you?

Here is a handy chart of common machine brands and formats:

  • ART – Bernina machines
  • DST – Tajima machines
  • EXP – Melco machines
  • HUS – Viking, Husqvarna machines
  • JEF – Janome machines
  • PCS – Pfaff machines (not available on 5×7 designs)
  • PES – Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina machines
  • SEW – Janome, Kenmore, New Home, Elna machines (not available on 5×7 design sets)
  • VIP – Husqvarna machines
  • VP3 – Husqvarna, Pfaff
  • XXX – Singer, Compucon machines

All formats are now included in your downloaded file.

Are embroidery designs manually digitized?

Yes, all designs are manually digitized to provide you with the highest quality design. Our commitment to you as a customer is to provide you with high-quality embroidery designs with minimal jumps, no gaps, and an overall high-quality stitch-out.

Are designs test stitched?

Yes, all designs are test stitched a number of times prior to release. All feedback from test stitchers is seriously considered and incorporated into the designs.  Nearly all our images on our website to show the designs are actual scans of tests performed prior to release.

Can I use the images that you have of your designs on other projects such as cards and scrapbooking?

As our artwork is licensed mostly from professional illustrators for embroidery only purposes, you may not use our web images for other purposes such as cards or scrapbooking. Some of the illustrations we may use may be licensed to greeting cards or scrapbooking companies and using the images without license or permission may be a breach of copyright policy.

If you have a boutique embroidery business and use our designs under our terms and conditions for completed items for sale and would like to display our web images on your website to your customers, then please email us for permission and for our records.

May I resize your designs?

You are welcome to resize our designs to your requirements. However, as a general rule, we do not recommend resizing designs greater than 20%. We do not perform resizing for your custom requirements.

If you are looking for good quality, affordable customizing software to resize designs, we recommend Embird which can be purchased at Embird has a fully functional and downloadable demo that can be downloaded at their website. There are also many free tutorials that can be found on their website including information on design resizing.

The quality of the design may also be altered when resizing a design, so we do not take responsibility for the quality of the resized design which can be affected by the software used to resize the designs and the experience and knowledge of the person doing the resizing.

What if I have any other questions?

If your question has not been answered here, please email us and we will get back to you ASAP. Our one concern is making our customers happy – so we are more than happy to help in any way we can. Email: info .

What are your terms of use?

Designs (either purchased or free) can not be sold, traded, shared or included in another design package, including copying with intent or sharing with friends or family.

Please note that copying embroidery designs or sharing them is a copyright violation and consequently is illegal. This is irrespective of whether you purchase the design or download a sample. You merely have a license to use the software/download in accordance with my terms. However, you are allowed to make one copy for backup purposes. You are also allowed to customize designs for your personal use, but you must not offer customized embroidery design files for resale (only on hand finished products) or claim it as your own.