Best Embroidery Machine Reviews – Buyers Guide, Nowadays the world is heading toward technology and computerized devices, so in the embroidery field, they tuning from hand embroidery to computerized embroidery machines.
If you want to start a business in embroidery, the first thing you will need to buy is an embroidery machine, here are the best embroidery machines for this year.

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews – Buyers Guide

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews – Buyers Guide

The first type: Brother Sewing Machine SE600

This machine is a computerized sewing machine, it’s a developed version of brother SE400, it’s considered one of the best stitching machines recently. It comes with:
1- 4 X 4 inches embroidery area.
2- 80 embroidery designs.
3- 103 built-in sewing stitches.
4- USB connectivity to import more designs.
5- LCD touchscreen with 3.7 inches (colored).

The second type: Brother Machine PE770

It’s only an embroidery device, this machine’s equipment is liked by users, beginners and the older sewers, that is because its cost which is budget-friendly and at the same time machine’s performance is very good, its suit the professionals and also the hobbyists, it comes with:
1- Embroidery area 5 X 7 inches.
2- USB port to import more designs.
3- 136 built-in designs.
4- 6 fonts.
5- LCD touch screen.

The third type: Singer Futura XL-400

It’s a type of computerized sewing machine produced by a large brand, and this makes you buy it without worry about its quality, it has a great built-in collection, you can connect this machine to your computer using the USB wire and starting stitch your layout. It comes with:
1- Embroidery area with 18.5 X 11 inches.
2- 125 built-in designs.
3- 30 built-in stitches.
4- Hoop with multi capacity.
5- USB port.
6- Programmable needle.

The fourth type: Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Its type of computerized sewing machines, new, it’s almost could promote any type of embroidery task. Singer 9960 quantum comes with:1- 600 embroidery built-in stitches.
2- 5 lettering fonts.
3- Speed with 850 stitches/minute.
4- Button up and down the needle.
5- Thread cutter.
But the bad thing about this machine is that it’s a must to buy an embroidery hoop to work on it.

The fifth type: Brother SE400

This combination computerized sewing machine is suitable for you if you need a cheap machine that could do all your sewing needs, but you will face some problems, all the cheap needlework have them, this machine comes with:
1- 67 built-in stitching designs.
2- 70 built-in embroidery designs.
3- back-lit LCD touch screen.
4- 5 lettering fonts.
5- Guidebook with multi-languages.
6- Automated string cutter.

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