Embroidery Machine, Do you think it’s scary to buy a new embroidery machine? Firstly you should know what are the right questions you should ask before buying it.
You should know that the embroidery machines are always in progress and their features are developed constantly.
So before you buy it, take all your time researching the types of machines and their features that are suitable for your requirements and your budget.
Having a shop near you is such a great thing because this will facilitate your work especially if they offer classes which give you the ability to try the embroidery machines before you buy it, this will help you a lot buying the suitable machine without spending much money without avail.
So here are some tips that we suggest for you, so you should know them before buying a new embroidery machine.

6 Tips To Buy Your First Embroidery Machine

1- The size of the largest design the embroidery machine can do:

This information is so important to know about the machine you are going to buy it, the size of the hoop of the embroidery machine which is used to embroider the design.

2- The number of the hoops which come with the embroidery machine:

Have a list of the hoops and accessories that the embroidery machine comes with, and you should know it’s not necessary to include all hoops.

3- Are there extra hoops? And what is their price?

Yes! Some embroidery machines include additional sizes of hoops, so know what are these sizes? and get an idea about the price list of these sizes.

4- Does the embroidery machine have a touch screen whether it’s black and white or colored?

This feature will give you more options and facilitate your work by touching it to drag a design or select another function, so start sitting in front of the machine and know whether it’s simple to navigate your embroidery machine.

5- Do you have the ability to combine one embroidery design or more on the screen?

Does it seem to you like a simple feature? But it does not exist in all embroidery machines, so if you need this feature in your work you should search for an embroidery machine that includes this feature, if it doesn’t have this option, buy an embroidery software that works on your windows or mac computer.

6- Transferring your embroidery designs to the machine:

The best and easiest way to import or transfer your embroidery designs to the machine is the USB cable, do not worry you will not need to put the computer and the machine in the same room because the new embroidery machines come with WIFI for importing designs.

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